BIG DATA is a term used for today's large volumes and complex data that resides across multiple applications even in a single organization. BIG DATA challenges are primarily how to capture, store, analyse, and ultimately make use of this data as information to enable your organization. 

Our BIG DATA Solutions make it easy to manage these large and complex volumes of data. Giving you information in real-time the way you need to consume the information. That is why our solutions cover the following BIG DATA areas: 

  • Data Capturing and Transformation - both structured and unstructured data
  • Analytics - interactive dashboards, real-time interactive data hotspots to allow for deep analysis
  • Predictive Analytics - the power to quickly analyse data and predict the future especially in areas such as supply chain and sales is a definite advantage for most organizations
  • KPIs and Performance Monitoring - the ability to effectively enable the whole organization monitor strategic KPIs provides corporate alignment 
  • Reporting - accurate reporting of not only results but on key performance areas both to internal and external stake holders